I just wanted to clarify my post from earlier –

Oui list price without a discount, is about even with the list price of DFW PAYCOM.  Now remember you still can give a 25% discount to beat PAYCOM, what I did was tell them if they went paperless I would give them free direct deposit which works out to be about 10% – 15% discount, but at least your a little cheaper and your not having to come off of your list price so you dont feel like you are giving them the world and the client thinks they are getting something for free, it works out for everybody.

DFW Paycom

I just wanted to post that, DFW Paycom and Charles J. Read, are the same price.  We are not any cheaper than them, so if you are going up against them do not promote that we are 20-30% guarenteed cheaper because we are not.  I met with a dentist this morning and found out that we are actually a little bit more expensive, if you included direct deposit, so this was just a little insight if you run up against them.

Work Comp Pricing Question

I have a meeting set for Wed with a current ADP user.  Only 5 EE's, but also has work comp through ADP.  Who do I contact within CJR to provide a price quote for the Workers Comp for this prospect?

My CPA does my payroll !

I have noticed in the log a number of comments from potential clients that their CPA does their payroll.

One of several things.

The CPA just does their payroll as a one off. If so the price he charges is likely to be far in excess of anyone else because he is charging CPA rates of $100 an hour plus! He also really does not want to do payroll because he can't take vacation after tax season.

Or he really is not doing the payroll, just the tax reports, which we include in our fee. The payroll processing is really done in house. His fee is obscene for reports we include at no charge.

Or the CPA has a small payroll service bureau effectively in his office. The fee structure for CPA's usually makes these fees non-competitive.

In many cases the CPA also bundles his services so the client really does not know what he is paying for payroll services from the CPA. The client needs to know to make an informed decision.

Beyond that the CPA may well not be an expert in payroll taxes. CharlesJRead, Inc. has the advantage of having CPAs that specialize in payroll taxes. We also have a full service national scope service bureau that offers very competitive pricing because we are not a CPA firm and have to put up with all the regulatory bull that CPA firms have to. I know, I have had to do it in the past.

Unless you know the CPA, and are getting their referrals he is just another over price competitor with out the advantages of specialization and economies of scale.

Pricing Question

Sam and everybody.

Check signing is only if the checks are the company's checks. If they are a trust client where we draft the whole payroll and pay on our checks there is no check signing fee. Again only if we have to create their signature and sign their checks with the laser printer.

The EE self-service lets every employee get his or her stubs and W2s on line via a secret password.

We can send the three checks via US Mail but cannot obviously guarantee when they will arrive. Best for that many checks to use courier, which is $14.00, but falling.

If they can switch the three checks to debit cards then they can avoid all delivery, check signing, and have everything immediately and no check problems (cashing, going to the bank, lost, washed, forgery etc.)

Other than those options you are spot on.

Any other questions let me know.


"Here is my pricing question.

13 EE's 10 are direct deposit. 3 receive a check Bi-weekly payroll Currently with Paychex

The base for 13 ee's is $65.15

Direct deposit is $10.50 base plus 10ee's x .15. So 10.50+1.50= $12.00

Plus .25 per ee for the Employee Self Service?

For the 3 ee's that receive a check

$5 check signing + 3 at .10, $5 check stuffing + 3 at .25

For delivery of the 3 checks? either $4 each to mail or do I have a local courier or overnight delivery to the company option?


Pricing Question

Great timing Mike.

Here is my pricing question.

13 EE's  10 are direct deposit.  3 receive a check   Bi-weekly payroll  Currently with Paychex

The base for 13 ee's is $65.15

Direct deposit is $10.50 base plus 10ee's x .15.  So 10.50+1.50= $12.00

Plus .25 per ee for the Employee Self Service?

For the 3 ee's that receive a check

$5 check signing + 3 at .10, $5 check stuffing + 3 at .25

For delivery of the 3 checks?  either $4 each to mail or do I have a local courier or overnight delivery to the company option?

Sorry, if I am confusing anyone.



Hey guys please let me know if your collateral packages have arrived or if they have not.



Pricing Questions – Strategies and Tactics…

I want to make sure we have full spectrum coverage for questions
about pricing. Especially for new affiliates pricing their first deals.

Charles Read will be the "go to" person for all questions regarding pricing. You will be able to access Charles 3 ways.

For immediate questions – if you're in a meeting and need help, or
you're about to go into a meeting and have a question call Charles on
his cell phone at 214.649.3606 or his direct office line – 214.222.0310.

2. For general questions on pricing – post the question to the blog. Charles will answer on the blog for all to see.

Carpio’s ADP/Paychex Proposal Process

Hey guys,

I wanted to go on ahead and share my process when dealing with ADP/Paychex users. Typically I will try to gather as much information as I can on the initial call.

The key information that should be collected is:

  • Decision makers name and e-mail
  • # of employees
  • pay cycle

Once I have gathered this information I will put in a follow-up call to try to reach the DM. If he or she is unavailable I will write down the name of the person whom I spoke to on the phone as a reference and send out a quick proposal e-mail that typically goes something like this:

Download Proposal email

with this e-mail i will attach:

Download Quick proposal outline  and Download CJR_flier_ADP

Typically you will recieve an e-mail back withing a couple of days, but I always make it a point to put in a follow-up call. Hopes this helps guys.


Whenever I send a proposal over to an ADP or Paychex user, this is the email I send……

It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning.  Here is your proposal, also I just wanted to tell you that, whenever you if in fact come on board with Charles J. Read, we have a price fix.  What that means is your contract price that you sign up for will be locked for 3 years, now we have no contracts just like ADP, but if you do in fact stay with us for that long your price will never go up, which is wonderful especially since ADP will give you a price increase about every 3 months.

 Attached is your proposal, along with our ADP Price Challenge which states that we guarantee that we will be 25 – 30% cheaper than what you are currently paying at this time with ADP.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and maybe if you have some time I can come out to meet you personally.

 That is the basics of what I say in my proposals, I do sometimes change it if the conversation I had with the DM warrants it.

Download Quick proposal outline – This is the proposal sheet that I use.

I also send them the ADP / Paychex price challenge flyer.

Then as far as when I go to a company for a drop I usually take the flyer, the 3yr no bull card, the quick proposal, and my business card and attached them all together for the potentail client to have.